Magic Tree

A client approached us with a unique and imaginative request to construct a tree playground within their penthouse for their children to enjoy. The trunk of the tree was crafted using industrial MDF and laminated to create a smooth surface. The branches were made of natural maple wood, giving the tree a larger-than-life appearance.

About Tree Playground

The tree was adorned with painted foliage and suspended wooden hummingbirds in silver and gold, adding a touch of whimsy and magic to the space. The only thing missing was a swing to complete the playground experience. The use of industrial MDF and natural maple wood ensures the durability and stability of the tree playground. The attention to detail and use of natural elements, such as the maple branches and painted foliage, create an enchanting and imaginative environment for children to enjoy. This tree playground is not only a functional element but also a statement of creativity and imagination.

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