Streamlined Acoustic Design for Today’s Professionals

In the dynamic world of interior design and architecture, time is a precious asset. With LignumBLOCKS, we’re not just enhancing your design capabilities but refining your workflow. With LignumBLOCKS, you can:

  • Personalize with Precision: Transform your client's chosen image, photo, or illustration into a pixelated wooden block panel. Each block is accurately color-matched to the image, ensuring the final artwork stays authentic.
  • Instant 3D Visualization: Preview your design in real-time 3D, removing guesswork and streamlining feedback.
  • Immediate Cost Estimation: Obtain your project's cost immediately, sidestepping the lengthy back-and-forths usually needed for quotations.
  • Reduce Turnaround Time: Avoid waiting periods for contacting artists or woodworkers for specialized projects. Your design is visualized and quoted instantly.

LignumBLOCKS doesn’t just provide a product; it offers a revolutionized design experience. Elevate your proposals, satisfy clients faster, and position yourself at the forefront of acoustic artistry.