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1 Of A Kind Reception Desk: Shelborne Hotel


The Shelborne Hotel, located in the heart of South Beach, Miami, FL, is a luxurious boutique hotel that caters to high-end clientele. To enhance its guests’ overall aesthetic and experience, the hotel required custom cabinetry and millwork solutions, including a stunning reception desk. This case study delves into how Lignum CD, a renowned custom cabinetry and millwork company, met the project’s challenges and transformed the hotel’s common areas, rooms, and outdoor spaces with its expertise and creative solutions.

custom cabinetry and millwork at Shelborne Hotel


The Shelborne Hotel is in Miami, FL’s famous South Beach neighborhood, known for its vibrant culture, gorgeous beaches, and thriving nightlife. The hotel sought to elevate the overall experience for guests by incorporating custom cabinetry and millwork solutions throughout the property. They approached Lignum CD to bring their expertise and unique design solutions to the project.

lobby custom carpentry at Shelborne Hotel


The challenge of the project was to create custom cabinetry and millwork solutions that not only met the aesthetic requirements of the hotel but also provided a high-quality experience for guests.

The reception desk was challenging, requiring custom LED lighting and over 1500 clear acrylic orbs. Additionally, the hotel had specific requirements for the design and quality of the furnishings, making it necessary for Lignum CD to think creatively and use its expertise to meet these demands.

cabana custom carpentry, millwork at shelborne hotel


Lignum CD was up to the challenge and successfully transformed the Shelborne Hotel with custom cabinetry and millwork solutions. They designed and built the lobby and common areas, including custom lacquer desks with solid surface countertops, vanity, and nightstands in every room.

The reception desk was a highlight of the project, with its intricate design featuring custom LED lighting and acrylic orbs. We transformed the hotel’s outdoor spaces with custom upholstered cabana benches, tables, and built-in wall units.

laquer vannity-custom carpentry at Shelborne Hotel


The project results were impressive, with the Shelborne Hotel receiving positive feedback from guests and industry experts. The custom cabinetry and millwork solutions not only transformed the hotel’s aesthetic but also elevated the overall experience for guests.

The reception desk, with its intricate design and custom LED lighting, was particularly well received, creating a unique and memorable first impression for guests. Additionally, the custom lacquer desks, vanity, and nightstands in each guest room provided guests with a luxurious and high-end experience, and the custom towel station further enhanced their stay at the hotel.

built-in banquettes -Shelbourne hotel

Designer:  ADD Inc. Design Co.

General contractor: Stellar Construction 

Procurement company: Parker International 

lacquer custom towel station-custom carpentry at Shelborne Hotel


1. Built-In Banquettes, Step Taper Base Facade, & Upholstered Cushions. 

2. Cabana Love Seat with Upholstered Cushions, Cubed Box Tables, Floating Base Cabinet with Open Compartments, and Solid Wood Countertop.

3. Custom Pool Table Step Taper Facade, Trim Molding, Diamond Tufted Banquettes, Cocktail Tables, Ceiling Trim & Custom Molding.

4. IPE Decking

5. Guestroom Desk with Solid Surface Laminated Countertop, Flat Front Pull Out Drawers, Custom Lacquer Primer & Painted Finish. 

6. Custom Towel Station, Half Round Self Standing Kiosk Desk & Storage,

7. Custom Spool & Spoke Decorative Panel Screens

8. Wood Framed Upholstered Headboard

9. Custom Mesh Pattern Cutout Vanity Front

10. Decorative Acrylic Orbs Mounted at Reception Facade, LED Lights

custom lacquer desks -credenza custom carpentry at Shelborne Hotel


The Shelborne Hotel is in the heart of iconic Miami, FL’s South Beach neighborhood. Known for its vibrant and eclectic culture, South Beach is a popular tourist destination known for its gorgeous beaches, historic Art Deco architecture, and bustling nightlife.

The location of the Shelborne Hotel offers guests easy access to all that South Beach has to offer, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a luxurious and culturally rich experience. With its prime location, the Shelborne Hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring this exciting and diverse area of Miami.

Whether guests are interested in soaking up the sun on the beach, shopping at the famous Lincoln Road Mall, or dining at one of the many world-class restaurants, South Beach has something for everyone. With the bonus of the stunning custom cabinetry and millwork provided by Lignum CD, guests of the Shelborne Hotel can be sure they are getting the best of both worlds.

exterior wood deck-custom carpentry at Shelborne Hotel


This case study demonstrates the expertise and creativity of Lignum CD in custom cabinetry and millwork solutions. The successful transformation of the Shelborne Hotel highlights its ability to meet the demands of high-end clients and create unique and memorable experiences.

The hotel’s reception desk, with its intricate design and custom LED lighting, is a testament to its ability to think creatively and bring its clients’ visions to life. The custom cabinetry and millwork solutions provided by Lignum CD elevated the overall aesthetic and experience for guests of the Shelborne Hotel, making it a destination for those seeking luxury and sophistication in the heart of South Beach, Miami.