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Best Party to Life: Custom Cabinetry Solutions at Ricky’s


Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant is a vibrant and exciting destination for anyone looking for a good time. With its 5-tier bar, performance stage platform, and custom keg tables, this establishment is one of a kind. In this case study, we will explore how Lignum Custom Design, a company specializing in custom cabinetry solutions, brought Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant to life with their innovative designs and expert craftsmanship.



Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant needed a unique and memorable design to set them apart from other bars and restaurants in the area. They wanted to create a space that would be not only functional but also eye-catching and entertaining. When they approached Lignum Custom Design, they envisioned a bar lighting up the room and a performance stage to bring the party to life.


Designing a bar and restaurant that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing was no easy feat. Lignum Custom Design was tasked with creating a 5-tier bar that would tower over the room while integrating RGB LED lights and neon trim. In addition, they needed to design a performance stage platform and a laminated food kiosk, all while incorporating antique mirror backing, a speckled paint job, and a lacquered panel backdrop.

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At Lignum Custom Design, we take pride in bringing our client’s visions to life. For Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant, our approach was to create a space that was not only functional but also visually appealing. We started by designing a 5-tier bar that would be the room’s centerpiece, incorporating RGB LED lights, neon trim, and a speckled paint job for a unique and eye-catching look. Across from the bar, we designed a performance stage platform with a lacquered panel backdrop to bring the party to life. To complete the experience, we also created custom keg tables with acrylic tops and a laminated food kiosk, providing a functional and stylish solution for guests to enjoy their drinks and food.


The result was nothing short of stunning. Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant was transformed into a vibrant and exciting destination, with a 5-tier bar that towers over the room and a performance stage that brings the party to life. The custom keg tables, laminated food kiosk, and antique mirror backing all added to the overall aesthetic, creating a space that was not only functional but also visually pleasing. With Lignum Custom Design’s innovative designs and expert craftsmanship, Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant is now one of the area’s most memorable and sought-after destinations.

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1- Installation of 5-tier antique mirror backing with LED lights and neon trim for bar design

2- Design and installation of a custom Keg table with acrylic tops

3- Creation of a laminated food kiosk

4- Construction of a custom-made stage for the performance area.


South Beach is a popular tourist destination in Miami Beach, Florida, known for its beaches, hotels, and vibrant nightlife scene. The location of Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant in South Beach adds to its appeal. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy a unique and exciting dining and entertainment experience in one of the most sought-after areas in Miami. With its stunning ocean views and bustling atmosphere, South Beach is the perfect backdrop for a bar like Ricky’s, where guests can drink, dance, and socialize in a lively and stylish setting. Whether you’re a local looking for a fun night out or a tourist seeking a taste of Miami’s iconic culture, a visit to Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant in South Beach is a must.


Lignum Custom Design is proud to have had the opportunity to bring Ricky’s Barcade & Restaurant to life with our custom cabinetry solutions. Our approach to creating a functional and visually appealing space resulted in a stunning and memorable establishment. Whether you want to design a bar, restaurant, or any other custom cabinetry project, Lignum Custom Design is ready to bring your vision to life.