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The Sliding Marble Doors: The Ways Lignum Brought Luxury to Mr. G’s Living Room


Lignum Custom Design specializes in crafting custom cabinets and unique furniture, including sliding marble doors, for clients who demand the highest quality and style. We aim to bring our clients’ personalities and tastes to life in their living spaces.

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Barton G is a well-known destination in Miami Beach, renowned for its exceptional dining experience and lavish decor. With its whimsical and unique style, Barton G is a favorite among those who appreciate a touch of sophistication and style. Mr. G, the client who approached Lignum Custom Design for his living room project, embodies the essence of Barton G’s target audience.

As a man of taste and sophistication, he knew precisely what he wanted and was particular about the materials and style used in his living space. His discerning eye and attention to detail were reflected in the plans he laid out for his living room. With Lignum Custom Design’s expertise and experience, they brought Mr. G’s vision to life and created a living room that was a true masterpiece worthy of being in the same league as Barton G.

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When Mr. G contacted us to bring his unique living room vision to life, Lignum Custom Design faced a challenging task. This was not just any ordinary living room project. Mr. G’s plans included high-end materials, cutting-edge technology, and intricate details requiring a skilled and experienced team. The floating wall unit, stainless trim, and marble doors were the centerpieces of the living room, each requiring careful planning and expert craftsmanship to ensure they met Mr. G’s exact specifications.

The sliding doors, in particular, were a feat of engineering, requiring advanced automation technology to ensure they opened and closed smoothly and silently. With Lignum Custom Design’s expertise and attention to detail, they created a unique living space that perfectly embodied Mr. G’s vision. The result was an aesthetically pleasing and functional living room, with all the high-end technology seamlessly integrated to provide a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

The floating wall unit offered ample storage space, while the LED lights and pearl lacquer interior added a touch of elegance and sophistication. The stainless steel trims added a perfect finishing touch to the living room, completing the overall look and feel of the space. In the end, Lignum Custom Design succeeded in creating a living room that was truly unique and perfectly tailored to the client’s needs and preferences.

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Lignum Custom Design rose to the challenge, utilizing our extensive experience and expertise to create a living room that perfectly embodied Mr. G’s vision. Our skilled craftsmen worked tirelessly to produce a custom wall unit and automatic open/close sliding marble doors epitome of elegance and luxury. The interior of the floating wall unit was finished in pearl lacquer with LED lights, while the exterior was framed in a matching pearl lacquer with stainless steel trims.


The final result was nothing short of breathtaking. The living room at the Barton G House was a true masterpiece, reflecting Mr. G’s impeccable taste and attention to detail. The custom wall unit and sliding marble doors were the room’s centerpieces, drawing the eye with their sleek lines and shimmering finishes. The LED lights, stainless steel trims, and luxurious pearl lacquer added the perfect finishing touches to this one-of-a-kind living space.


1-Automatic sliding marble doors

2-Floating wall unit

3-Pearl lacquer interior with LED lights

4-Stainless trims for the living room


The Barton G House, where this project took place, is located in Miami Beach, one of Miami’s most luxurious and trendy neighborhoods. Miami Beach is well-known for its beautiful beaches, high-end shopping, and entertainment options. The area is also home to world-class restaurants and hotels, making it a prime destination for tourists and locals. With its deco art architecture, stunning ocean views, and lively nightlife, Miami Beach is sought-after for those seeking a sophisticated and upscale lifestyle.


Lignum Custom Design is proud to have created this magnificent living room at artisans G House. Our skilled artisans and designers are dedicated to providing our clients with the best custom cabinetry and furniture design. We look forward to continuing to create stunning, one-of-a-kind spaces for our clients for many years.