Magic Tree

A client approached us with a unique and imaginative request to construct a tree playground within their penthouse for their children to enjoy. The trunk of the tree was crafted using industrial MDF and laminated to create a smooth surface. The branches were made of natural maple wood, giving the tree a larger-than-life appearance. About […]

South Coconut Lane

Deluxe Wood Door Borges Architects and Associates describe this project as tropical architecture. For this project, we went big. We’re talking 10-foot solid Mahogany wood door big. The stair treads are Mahogany too. On the inside, you’ll find another set of beautiful Mahogany stairs and a landing. The use of Solid Mahogany wood in this […]

North Bay Road I

North Bay Road This was the first of four houses we did on North Bay , and it was the start of a long line of great projects. This North Bay Road house boasts floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets, waterfall-edge Carrara countertops, and custom oak stair treads. If you’re someone who likes to work from home, you’ll […]

Barton G House

Barton G House Barton G, a renowned figure in the restaurant industry and known for his creative culinary creations, has opened the doors to his personal home for all to see. We have worked on Barton G house. The plans and materials for this unique project had been in the works for years until Mr. […]

Majorca Residence

Majorca Residence The Majorca Residence, a historic home nestled in Coral Gables, required extensive built-in bookshelves to accommodate its library. Our team delivered by creating shelves finished in white lacquer that not only provides storage but also incorporate functionality. The grand front entry is secured by solid wood arched double doors, and once inside, guests […]

North Bay Road ll

North Bay Road ll The second of four houses we did on North Bay Road, this project showcases our ability to create simple yet elegant custom carpentry. The focal point of the living area is a custom built-in bookshelf and base cabinet featuring soft-close sliding doors and a niche window, while the kitchen boasts traditional […]

Venetian Residence

Venetian Residence The Venetian Residence is a perfect example of our ability to bring great design and architecture to life. The centerpiece of this project is the impressive entertainment center made of rift-cut white oak, complete with an integrated fireplace and speaker cabinets. The residence is filled with one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, such as the fumed […]

Lakeview Residence

Lakeview Residence Welcome to the Lakeview Residence, where the beauty of marine design meets the elegance of custom cabinetry and millwork. The owners of this stunning property had a bold vision for their bar area – they wanted it to resemble a boat. But when they reached out to various companies for help, they were […]

East Di Lido Residence

East Di Lido Residence Welcome to the East Di Lido Residence in Miami, FL, where Mediterranean waterfront luxury meets custom millwork excellence. The owners of East Di Lido Residence were so impressed with our craftsmanship that they requested our services for their next project. As you step through the louvered teak double entry front gate, […]

North Bay Road IV

North Bay Road IV The North Bay Road lV project is one of the four houses that we have completed on North Bay Road. This beautiful property is a true masterpiece, featuring elegant and high-quality custom woodwork throughout. The main feature of the house is the use of plain sliced white oak with a matte […]

North Bay Road III

North Bay Road III The North Bay Road lll project is a testament to our commitment to creating elegant, inviting, and high-quality custom woodwork. We have worked on four houses on North Bay Road, and our goal for each of them has been to bring our client’s vision to life. In the interior, we used […]

San Marino Residence

San Marino Residence The San Marino Residence is one of the most popular and highly viewed carpentry projects in our portfolio. This stunning property boasts an array of luxurious features and custom woodwork throughout. One of the highlights of the house is the floor-to-ceiling lacquer wall unit with custom cabinetry, providing both style and function […]

Pine Tree Residence

Pine Tree Residence The Pine Tree Residence is a luxurious waterfront property, and custom woodwork plays a prominent role throughout the entire house. Our team was entrusted with creating a complete package of custom cabinetry work, including a built-in lacquer wall unit with LED lights, floating vanities made from premium walnut, credenzas, and a stunning […]